Bite Correction

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The correction of malocclusions—bite conditions in which the upper and lower teeth are not properly aligned—is one of the primary goals of orthodontic treatment.

Without treatment, misaligned bites can put undue stress on muscles, tendons, bone and teeth, leading to discomfort and progressive dental problems. Portland, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. JD Miller of Portland Pearl Orthodontics offers numerous treatment options to provide both adults and younger patients with smiles as functional as they are beautiful.

Common bite conditions include:


Crossbite is a malocclusion in which one or more upper teeth bite to the inside of the lower teeth. Crossbite typically occurs in the front or side teeth, and the condition can contribute to premature wear of the teeth, asymmetrical jaw development and bone loss.


Overbite is a condition in which the upper front teeth extend over the lower front teeth, causing a malfunctioning bite. Patients with overbite may experience the lower front teeth biting into the upper gum tissue, and overbite can lead to progressive wear on the teeth and be a factor in the development of jaw and joint problems including temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD).


In an underbite, the lower front teeth protrude past the upper front teeth. Underbite can prevent proper bite function, and contribute to premature tooth wear and jaw and joint conditions like TMJ.

Orthodontic Bite Correction Options

Portland Pearl Orthodontics provides a number of malocclusion treatment options including:

In addition to correcting bite conditions, these orthodontic treatments may also be used to address spaced teeth or crowded teeth. The best option for you will depend on a number of factors, including your specific condition, lifestyle and budget. Your consultation and exam with Dr. Miller will help determine the most effective treatment for you.

To learn more about your bite correction options, please contact Portland Pearl Orthodontics to schedule your consultation with Portland, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. JD Miller.