An orthodontist specializes in correcting irregularities of the teeth and bite.  Your initial appointment with Dr. Miller will consist of a series of photos of your face and teeth and x-rays of your teeth and jaw. He will ask you questions pertaining to your health, dental history, and proceed to take a thorough look at your teeth and bite. Recommended treatment is based on all of the information gathered. In some cases, a removable retainer or appliance is all that is needed. Other times, oral surgery is necessary. However, most orthodontic cases are treated with braces. Braces work by being strategically placed on each tooth, and putting constant pressure on the teeth over a length of time to move the teeth into their correct position.

Braces consist of many different components. Sometime a patient will have all of the parts of braces throughout the course of treatment. Most patient will have only a few.

Parts of braces:

Brackets are the squares that are placed on the outside of your teeth. They can be metal or clear ceramic or plastic. Clear brackets are a common choice because they are less obvious and provide a more “invisible” look. Sometimes, brackets can be placed on the back of your teeth for a completely invisible look. These brackets would be called “Lingual braces”.

Archwires are the metal wires that are placed on both your upper teeth and lower teeth that fit into the brackets.

Ties, or o’rings, hold the arch wire in place within the brackets. Ties come in plastic or steel. Ties can be singular or continuous.

Bands are placed on your first and/or second molars. These bands act as anchors in the back of your mouth for the arch wire. They fit on your teeth like a ring fits on a finger.

Spacers are placed in-between the teeth where bands will be fit. Spacers push the two teeth apart, making room for the band to fit around the tooth.

Rubberbands are removable, elastic bands that connect your upper jaw to your lower jaw. Their placement is dependent on the type of bite correction you are undergoing. Rubberbands apply constant force on your jaw to correct your bite.

Springs or coils are placed to hold space or open space. They look like they sound; springy.

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