Is SmileDirectClub good? Is is safe?

In today’s world, everything from groceries to cars are advertised online, and recently at-home dental care has joined the club.

The most well known of these is the Smile Direct Club, or as they write it: “SmileDirectClub”.

For those who aren’t familiar with SmileDirectClub, it is an Invisalign® alternative which promises to cut out the […]

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For a VERY Limited time get MASSIVE savings on both Braces and Invisalign®

Yup! We’re having a flash sale on braces and Invisalign®! If you book and begin treatment BEFORE DECEMBER 16th you get OVER $2000 off!




But you MUST book and initiate treatment BEFORE December 16th to take […]

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Protected: Parents are Doing These 5 Things to Ensure Their Kids Grow Up Healthy and Strong

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Caring for orthodontic emergencies at home

In orthodontics, we are lucky enough to not have any urgent emergencies. The most common “emergencies” that occur are:

1) A broken bracket- To handle this, we recommend to put wax on the broken bracket for comfort, contact our office to schedule a repair.

2) A long wire- We recommend using cuticle cutter to trim the wire […]

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My braces are off! But why are they moving?

Congratulations! We know that you have been looking forward to your removal of braces since the moment you agreed to start braces! Here at Portland Pearl Orthodontics, we believe that the best patient is an educated patient. One important piece of knowledge for our patients to receive is the importance of wearing retainers POST braces. […]

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Early orthodontic treatment: Phase I

In orthodontia, a Phase I treatment, otherwise known as interceptive orthodontic treatment, refers to early orthodontics for a child usually between the ages of 6-8 whom typically have a mixture of primary (baby teeth) and permanent (adult) teeth. Phase I is the first part of treatment that is started to either correct a jaw or […]

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See what we’re all about!

Watch our latest video Portland Pearl Orthodontics to see what we are all about and to hear patient testimonials.


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How to handle an orthodontic emergency at home

Most orthodontic emergencies can be handled right at home! Long, pokey wires can be trimmed with a nail or cuticle cutter. A broken bracket can be held in place with wax for comfort. Please see this wonderfully detailed list of “fix it yourself” tips on orthodontic emergencies.


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By the age of 7, every child should have their first Orthodontic visit

According to the AAO, children should visit the orthodontist for the first time by the age of 7. Early intervention is the best treatment your child could possibly receive. Early orthodontic treatment greatly lessens the amount of time your child will be in orthodontia. In addition, early detection and treatment prevents many problems that can […]

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Diet and Braces…what to expect

Contrary to popular belief, having braces does not mean you have to take a hiatus from all of your favorite foods. What it does mean, is that you have to be careful with how you eat, eat some things a little differently, and substitute a few food items.

For instance, fresh fruits and vegetables should always […]

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