Dr. Miller and his staff are thrilled to introduce Acceledent. Acceledent is a Class II medical device that decreases your orthodontics treatment by half! That’s right, half! An average orthodontic case is approximate one and a half years to two years in duration. When an orthodontic patient uses Acceledent in conjunction with braces or invisalign, the original treatment time is cut by half. That means, a two year orthodontic case can be reduced to one year.

How does this work? Rather simple, actually. The Acceledent device looks like a mouth guard attached to a hand piece that you gently bite on for only 20 minutes a day for the duration of your treatment. Acceledent produces small pulses to create a cellular response that changes the bone surrounding the tooth that allows it to move through bone; this is known as bone remodeling. Studies have reported that chewing produces at least 200x’s more force than the use of Acceldent. Patients have reported less pain and irritation with braces when using Acceledent. Our patients using Acceledent are proof that this product works! Our patients have no reports of pain from braces and are completing treatment faster! CNN reported Acceledent to be one of the best devices of 2014.

It is important to note that you can only get Acceledent from a medical provider with a prescription; an Orthodontist. Call today to schedule your consultation for Orthodontic treatment with Acceledant. Check out this Acceledent video for a further look!

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