This is something we hear often at Portland Pearl Orthodontics. We understand that you have a busy life and minimal time in your schedule to squeeze in braces. Nor do you necessary want braces, but you know you need them. Portland Pearl Orthodontics makes it a priority to make your visits and treatment smooth, fast, and fun. The first step is to schedule a complimentary exam with Dr. Miller in order to learn what your needs and options are. From there, we get started with your treatment… when you are ready. Depending on your treatment, you come to see us every 4-10 weeks. Again, we make it a priority to make these visits speedy and efficient. When you are done with braces, you are given a set of retainers to hold the correction you have obtained during treatment. We like to see our patients post treatment, annually, for a quick check to make sure everything looks great!

Make 2015 the year to make your oral health a priority. Don’t put it off anymore. The sooner you start, the sooner your teeth are healthier and you have the smile you desire. One important thing to understand is that orthodontics is not necessarily aesthetic; it is mainly for functional reasons. Yes, having a beautiful smile is a wonderful side effect and improves your self esteem. However, it is the health of the teeth, bite, and joints that matters to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and is what aids in overall health. #2015 #itstime #smile #teeth #braces