Are you dancing the fine line of really wanting or needing braces but you really really do not want them to show? Maybe you have a career that demands a lot of face time or you just do not want metal in your mouth…

Whatever the reason may be, Dr. Miller can help you! He is the only lingual orthodontist in the state of Oregon that offers full lingual braces. Lingual braces are braces that are placed behind the teeth. They are permanent and work synonymously to “regular” braces. Only they are 100% invisible, custom made for your teeth, and the mechanics allow for you to see the orthodontist every 8-10 weeks versus every 4-6 weeks with traditional braces. Thus, saving you time so you can attend to all of the other scheduled matters in your already busy life. We have many teens and working professionals in lingual braces. These braces are extremely fascinating in the sense that you and all of your family and peers see your teeth changing, but do not necessarily know why. They know you’re not wearing invisalign because you’re not constantly taking out your trays to eat and drink. With lingual braces, your finish time is similar to traditional braces, as are the results. And no, they do not cause more discomfort than traditional braces.

We invite you to call to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr, Miller to learn if you are a candidate.