Dog eat your retainer? Toss away your retainer in a napkin at a restaurant? Just plain ol’ cannot find your retainer?

Regardless of how long you have had your braces off, you should contact your Orthodontist to get a new retainer.

Why, you ask?

Because just like the rest of our body changes, our teeth change. You have spent so much time and energy achieving your desired smile and bite… do not let it relapse!

After orthodontics, retainers are forever! The good news is… there is a gradual decline in the amount of time you wear your retainer. But, again,  you should never be without. Depending on age, severity or orthodontic treatment, how long your braces have been off, and other factors, the time one wears a retianer differs. For instance, you begin wearing your retainer full time (how long depends on the factors listed above), gradually shifting to nights only, and eventually you will wear your retainer to a couple nights a month… forever.

Lost retainers must be replaced so your teeth do not relapse.

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