Congratulations! We know that you have been looking forward to your removal of braces since the moment you agreed to start braces! Here at Portland Pearl Orthodontics, we believe that the best patient is an educated patient. One important piece of knowledge for our patients to receive is the importance of wearing retainers POST braces. We do not prescribe our patients retainers after braces to prolong the orthodontic torture…we do it because it is necessary! Here is why…when the braces are removed, they are very vulnerable. When the teeth have undergone months, sometimes years of constant movement (through bone) it takes some time for the bone and surrounding tissue to solidify around the final positioning of the teeth. Rather than leave the braces on for another year to hold and wait for the bone and tissue solidification, the orthodontist removes the braces and prescribes retainers to carry out the final piece of the orthodontic treatment. After undergoing orthodontic treatment and the time and money that went into the treatment, it would be a devastation to disregard retainer wear. After orthodontic treatment, we recommend that the retainers be worn full time for a year, and then nights only (every night) for the next full year. After that, we strongly recommend that our patients wear their retainers a few night a week FOR LIFE! The reason being, just like the rest of our bodies change with age, our teeth do too! That is a fact, a promise, a guarantee. Dr. Miller specializes in re-treating adult patients whom need braces a second time because they failed to wear their retainers post braces the first time around. The rule of thumb is…wear your retainers for as long as you want your teeth to stay straight. If you should loose or break your retainer (even after years of having your braces off) you should contact your orthodontist at your earliest convince to have replacement retainers made. The longer you wait, the more your teeth will change.

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