November, otherwise referred to as “Movember”, is men’s health awareness month. This month is special in the sense that it sparks conversation regarding men’s health. Men’s health issues are existent and Movember is meant to break the taboo and the “no talk” regime associated with men’s health. Regular doctor visits and checks ups for early prevention and detection for all sorts of health issues is vital. Here, at Portland Pearl Orthodontics, we support Movember. We would like to also address the importance of oral health as well. Often times, oral health is taken completely out of the equation when evaluating and discussing healthcare issues.

Oral care can affect a persons overall health. Routine brushing and flossing can typically keep bacterial levels under control. However, when routine dental checks and cleanings are neglected, the bacteria can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Certain medications can reduce saliva production. Saliva washes away bacteria and neutralizes acid. Periodontitis, severe gum disease, can play a role in certain diseases; such as heart disease. A misaligned jaw, TMJ/TMD can cause significant discomfort and pain. It can cause constant neck and back pain, blurred vision, dizzy spells, ringing in the ears, and vertigo. Studies have shown that those with straight teeth exude more confidence and a have a higher level of self-esteem.

Oral health is important in your overall general health. We invite you to call our office for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Miller. #braces #smile #teeth #movember #portland #orthodontist