Have you been told you have an overbite and are a candidate for a MARA?

What exactly is a MARA? Well, the MARA stands for Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance. It is an appliance designed to reposition the lower jaw forward to correct an overbite. The MARA is effective and can make treatment faster. The MARA is designed to eliminate breakage and emergencies associated with malocclusion correction appliances. This is possible because the MARA consists of four metal crowns that are secured on all four first molars. The upper jaw and lower jaw connect when the “elbows,” which are connected to either side of the upper crowns, are secured into the lower crowns at resting point. When the mouth is open and active, the lower and upper jaws do not connect. Thus eliminating breakage and maximizing patient comfort and compliance.

Click here to see a MARA demo

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