Flossing on the regular is important not only to your dental health but to your overall health. Let’s breakdown the reason why…

Flossing cleans the part of your teeth that brushing and mouthwash cannot; in-between your teeth and along the gum line. When you floss first to remove the plaque in-between your teeth and then brush, the fluoride in your toothpaste can clean more parts of your mouth.

Flossing helps protect your gums. Flossing is essential in the area where your gums and teeth meet. The reason being, tiny food particles get trapped in this area and over time, tartar builds up and if left, can cause gingivitis. If continued to be left unchecked, the problem can extend to a periodontal issue; periodontitis. This is a severe gum disease that could cause tooth and bone loss.

Flossing cleans the bacteria in your mouth that can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease.

Flossing only takes a few minutes and needs to be performed once a day to prevent oral decay, discoloration of the teeth, bad breathe, and systemic disease.