Self-Ligating Braces: The Damon System® and Empower®

Northwest Portland, The Pearl District and Downtown Portland

damonSelf-Ligating Braces are an orthodontic treatment similar to conventional braces in function and form, but they lack the metal or elastic ties—also known as ligatures—used in traditional braces to help guide movement of the teeth.

Instead, Self-Ligating Braces employ moveable brackets to hold and control the archwires, which are the source of pressure that bring your teeth into alignment. Portland, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. JD Miller of Portland Pearl Orthodontics offers two types of Self-Ligating Braces that have proven effective in aligning teeth and leaving patients with a bite that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

The Damon System

The Damon System utilizes small brackets and tieless slide mechanisms to contain the archwires, allowing them to move freely within the brackets.

In addition to reducing friction and discomfort, Damon braces often result in fewer office visits for adjustments as well as a shorter overall treatment time. Damon braces are also available with clear brackets for those who desire a discreet teeth-straightening treatment.


Empower Self-Ligating Braces consist of compact, contoured brackets that provide you with comfort and your orthodontist with the precise control necessary to ensure you achieve a perfectly aligned smile.

Empower uses a patented clip-door system to replace the ligatures of traditional braces and secure the archwires. Like the Damon System, Empower results in less friction and more efficient treatment; unlike Damon, Empower braces use two different types of clips that allow Dr. Miller greater custom control in treating your specific bite condition.

Although both Damon and Empower Self-Ligating Braces are suitable for a wide range of ages, no orthodontic treatment is right for all patients. Your consultation and exam with Dr. Miller will determine the best solution for your individual condition.

To learn more about the benefits of Self-Ligating Braces or to schedule your personal consultation with Portland, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. JD Miller please contact the office of Portland Pearl Orthodontics.