Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Long the standard in sleep apnea treatment, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines are often effective—for the few patients who are able to tolerate the cumbersome devices.

For many people who suffer from sleep apnea, oral appliances are a comfortable and successful alternative treatment to CPAP. Portland, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. JD Miller of Portland Pearl Orthodontics has extensive experience treating sleep apnea patients with oral appliances, and if you’re suffering from chronic snoring or other symptoms of sleep apnea, we welcome you to schedule a sleep apnea consultation and learn whether an oral appliance will work for you.

Oral Appliances vs. CPAP

CPAP treatment for sleep apnea entails the patient wearing a mask during sleep. A small blower circulates air through the mask and into the throat, maintaining continuous airflow.

Although effective, CPAP can be uncomfortable and difficult to acclimate to. Most sleep apnea patients who try CPAP do not continue its long-term use.

Oral appliances, however, are similar to sports mouthguards and orthodontic devices like Invisalign. They fit comfortably over your teeth and are worn during sleep, and most patients adapt quickly to their use.

Oral Appliances and Sleep Apnea Treatment

There are various oral appliances used in treating sleep apnea, depending on the type and severity of sleep apnea as well as other individual factors. Portland Pearl Orthodontics offers sleep apnea devices including:

  • EMA
  • Silent Nite
  • TAP I
  • TAP II

Some sleep apnea oral devices are designed specifically to keep the tongue from moving and blocking the airway during sleep. Other appliances are intended to support the jaw, maintaining its proper resting position and promoting proper airflow.

While oral appliances are successful for many individuals, no single sleep apnea treatment works for everyone. Only a comprehensive exam with an orthodontist experienced in treating sleep apnea with oral devices can determine the best option for you.

To learn more about sleep apnea treatment, please contact Portland Pearl Orthodontics to schedule your consultation with Portland, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. JD Miller.