In today’s world, everything from groceries to cars are advertised online, and recently at-home dental care has joined the club.

The most well known of these is the Smile Direct Club, or as they write it: “SmileDirectClub”.

For those who aren’t familiar with SmileDirectClub, it is an Invisalign® alternative which promises to cut out the orthodontist and fix your smile at a “quicker and cheaper rate” than traditional Invisalign®. SmileDirectClub’s premise is that you take your own dental impressions at home, mail it to them, and get your clear aligners mailed right to your door to straighten your teeth.

It sounds almost too good to be true right?

Unfortunately, it is.

SmileDirectClub’s waiver stipulates that you must see a dentist before starting treatment and get a full oral health check up. Why does SmileDirectClub mandate a dentist visit and a full check up before starting treatment?

Because by signing the informed consent, SmileDirectClub transfers the responsibility of any problems on you. You are now accountable – not SmileDirectClub.

If you skip the oral health check up, you could experience serious, irreversible damages to your smile. Their at-home impressions kit is used only to create your aligners and don’t consider gum disease, root absorption, or bone density.

That is entirely on you.

At Portland Pearl Orthodontics, Dr. Miller does a comprehensive exam, as well as images and x-rays to determine the safest and most effective treatment for each patient. The treatment plan is personalized to you. Your orthodontic treatment should always be monitored by a properly licensed and trained orthodontic professional.

Without receiving a comprehensive exam, SmileDirectClub or any alternative mail-order aligner company may be a dangerous risk.

If you are still undecided, just know that the American Dental Association along with other organizations have already filed multiple lawsuits and complaints against SmileDirectClub for their safety, transparency, and marketing.

If something seems too good to be true, it almost always is.

Are your teeth the place you really want to cut corners?

The patient’s interviewed by NBC in this article probably regret their decision to save a few bucks now.

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