Should I really bring my 6-year-old to the Orthodontist?

It has long been an informally held belief that we don’t need to start thinking about the orthodontist until a child is 11 or 12.

However, contrary to what was once believed, your child’s first orthodontist appointment should not wait until they are nearly a teenager!

By the time your child is 12 or 13, many problems may well be on the way and not correctable by this age.

This does not need to be the case.

Here at Portland Pearl Orthodontics, we can expand arches with dentofacial orthopedics, providing more space in arch form and less possibility of extraction due to crowding at braces age.  This procedure also promotes more stability in bones and teeth and bite which lengthens the life of teeth and produces more stable joints.

Expanding dentofacial arches opens up airways, so it is strongly recommended if a parent or grandparent suffers from sleep apnea, as that condition is genetic.  

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